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Veterinary Services at
Van Buren County

Our veterinary clinic offers age and breed-specific preventative health programs tailored to meet the needs of your pets.

Our Services

What we offer

Van Buren County Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinarians offer a vast repertoire of surgical procedures, both orthopedic and soft tissue. Our surgery rooms are equipped with gas anesthesia, ventilator, and heart monitor, plus an ample stock of autoclaved instruments to ensure the sterility of all invasive procedures. We offer (and recommend) early spay/neuter programs for puppies and kittens. We also offer (and recommend) regular ultrasonic dental scaling to maintain your pets’ oral health.

Preventative Pet Care

Our preventative health vaccination programs are designed to prevent disease and prolong the lives of your companion animals

Pet Medical Services

Our knowledgeable staff and facilities allow us to deal with a variety of medical conditions your pet may experience.

Pediatrics for Puppies

Our puppy pediatrics program is designed to offer your new puppy all the benefits of veterinary services from 6 weeks of age to 16 weeks.

Pediatrics for Kittens

Our kitten pediatrics program is designed to offer your new kitten all the benefits of veterinary care available to him/her from 6 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age.

Pet Dentistry

We offer professional pet dentistry services, including routine preventative care as well as the advanced treatment of existing oral health problems.

Pet Boarding

One of the most important services that veterinary clinics provide is pet boarding in a kennel environment that is secure (escape-proof), comfortable, and sanitary.

Pet Pain Management and Control

We know the issue of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today. As in human medicine, we have a variety of medications available to manage your pet’s pain.

Pet Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

Anesthesia and patient monitoring vary greatly among clinics. When you choose your veterinarian, be sure to question the types of anesthetics used and the protocols for monitoring anesthesia.

Microchip Pet

Microchipping has become a very popular and safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as the owner.