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At Van Buren County Vet Clinic, we are incredibly proud of the pet care we provide every day.

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The Smiling Faces of Van Buren County Vet Clinic

Learn more about our talented team and why we love what we do!

Doctor Myles Hill

Owner / DVM


  • Mississippi State University
  • College of Veterinary Medicine 2015


  • Van Buren (Clinton) –
    • 5 Days a Week
    • Saturdays – 8 am to 1 pm
Kayln M.

Veterinary Assistant

Kayln M. is one of the veterinary assistants. She has been with us since May 2020. She lives with a full house 2 children, 4 dogs, 5 horses, and one miniature cow. She has lived in the beautiful state of Arkansas her whole life. Being a vet assistant toall of the patients at the clinic is one of her biggest passions.

Mary V.

Veterinary Assistant

Paula G.

Kennel Manager

Paula, along with 6 brothers, were raised to never fear anything but have respect for everything. Work hard, be grateful, be humble, do better than yesterday. In 1998 she found the courage to step into her passion for my love of all creatures, great and small. Dr. Rick Munsell, DVM of North Shelby Animal Hospital, gave her a chance, and she never looked back. She has worked for a dozen or more vets in her career whom she still adores beyond measure. She is married to Fred Graves, who never flinches when she brings home a new pet, a rescued owl, or an interesting reptile.  24 years together equals a lot of animals. Paula has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren that mean the world to her.  Her friends are like family and are scattered around the world, all ages and cultures. She loves traveling to visit them. She believes you should “always leave them better than you found them.” “Do unto others as you would have done to you”  “In times of difficulty, there lies opportunity. “Paula wants to take care of your animals as if they were her own.

Rick R.


Rick has 42 years’ experience that is four generations of first puppy grooms, through adult haircuts, to geriatric grooms. Rick has been with Van Buren Vet Clinic for 19 years and has lived in Damascus for 25 years.

Abi L.

Front Desk Receptionist

Abi is a mother of twin boys, Bentley and Levi. She is the owner and founder of Diamond Double B Quarter horses. She has 3 dogs; Bonnie, Hank, and Jack. Her goal is to enroll in Penn Foster to take her career to the next level.


Office Kitty

Professor Albus Dumbledoor aka “Albus” is the Van Buren Co. Clinic cat. Albus’s life began as a roaming kitten in the wilds of Fairfield Bay. He was rescued by the Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter and adopted by Dr. Ben Mays in 2009. Albus arrived at Dr. Mays’ farm and quickly evaluated that he was destined for more in his life. He convinced Dr. Mays to hire him as a full-time employee and in house resident at the Van Buren Co. Veterinary Clinic. Over the years, Albus has become exceptional at performing his daily duties. You may find him monitoring the ICU patients or supervising the staff in between naps. He is very passionate about feline patients. He is notorious for comforting a distressed kitty or lying next to the kennel of a critical care patient. Albus has many fans in the surrounding area and even has his own portrait!. He is a true star employee here at the Van Buren Co Veterinary Clinic. Albus is a daily reminder to us all, that no matter where you originate from, perseverance will carry you to the top. He motivates the staff daily, comforts patients and clients, and is beyond aesthetically pleasing to view.


Office Bird


Office Bird